Friday, July 15, 2005

tick tock...

my list of art projects is growing exponentially--
  • finish (and start...ahem) hubby's birthday card featuring his adorable kindergarten picture
  • put together my baby sister's accordion book to commemorate her recent move overseas
  • sew up a mini-zipper bag that someone ordered in june
  • put a handle on a cigar box purse that the same someone ordered in june
  • finish my scrapbook pages from my trip to hawaii in march of 2003
  • make my son an envelope book entitled "15 reasons why i love you" to send to him during his two-week stay at camp
  • complete the design phase of my pink lemonade contribution to the tie one on( apron a month project and actually sew the apron
  • make my boss the square stitched bracelet she ordered in october
  • make a card for the wedding we're attending at the end of this month
  • paint vintage wooden knitting bag handles and sew up new bag to go on said soon-to-be painted handles in beautiful cream, acid green and blue upholstery fabric
  • bind dada journal (ala karyl howard's potent inspiration!)

i think i'll get all this done this weekend, don't you?

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