Monday, August 01, 2005

dog days or is it "daze"...

this weekend i:
  • went to a cruise night at chuck-a-burger (for those of you unfamiliar with the "cruise night" concept, it is a gathering of classic cars and their owners). showed off my new car, gracie, ate a delicious coney dog and listened to local band, hudson and the hoo doo cats, while visiting with gram, mom, k & m.
  • went to the movies and saw "happy endings," a robert altman-esque movie featuring lisa kudrow, maggie gyllenhaal and tom arnold. it was much better than my pick from last week, "you, me and everyone we know," from newbie director, miranda july.
  • went to a wedding reception in illinois--replete with duck dance, electric slide, cha cha slide, grease montage and obligatory dollar dance. at least there was free beer. thanks for the polka, kelly!
  • ate brunch at olivette diner with k & m. the crab cake benedict was way too rich!
  • weeded, mowed and weed whacked,
  • grocery shopped,
  • went to the thrift store and bought five 99 cent vintage aprons!
  • made the most delicious tacos for dinner,
  • went to the batting cages and walloped some medium speed softballs (kelly kicked butt in the baseball medium speed cage!)
  • ate some haagen das coffee ice cream while watching the remake of "stepford wives." wow, nicole kidman could really be a stepford wife.

anyone notice the distinct lack of art on this list? yeah, me too. must do something about that this week.


no name said...

hi, came through mb's site. the first entry totally reminds me of 'happy days'... or the movie 'american graffiti'...cruisin'~that used to be fun stuff. too bad my car would be laughed off the lot! :-)

MB Shaw said...

Typing errors in last post courtesy of no spell check on comments.

You are too funny. I had to laugh out loud at the "duck dance" thing, I am assuming this is what we used to call the "chicken dance" in Ohio? Anyway, the 2nd time I got married, we were interviewing for the band and my fiance looked the guy right in the eye and said, "if you play the chicken dance you will not be paid for your services." LOL