Monday, August 29, 2005

social commentary...

what does it mean? my entry below re: south beach diet, generated the most comments (both public and private) of any entry in queen for a day's short bloggy history?


nancy said...

You know what it means to me. In taking care of your body after surgery, the idea of forcing a rigid diet upon it sounds very unhealthy.

You are doing everything you are supposed to to be taking special care of yourself. I do not think that this would fall into that category.

Becky said...

means that
1. women in general are obsessed with their looks, weight, mostly the latter prob.
2. when it comes to others we are very generous- Heidi you look FAB!
3. we like to help
4. we are obsessed with our weight.
my opinion (s)
Love ya!

Jane said...

What Becky said. And Nancy, too, for that matter. Even Kate Moss has changed (I think).