Thursday, August 04, 2005

guilty vs. pleasures...

how hard is it to not feel self-centered when you're a blogger? the "me-me" song is a bit tired, huh?

on a non-self-centered note...sarah fishburn is funny, talented, open, generous and, did i already mention, funny? i got the opportunity to meet her yesterday at red lead (the fabu art store here in "the lou"). she did a quick, humorous demo, that, by the way, filled me with inspiration for a project i had been mulling over. she also signed copies of the book "true colors" to which she was a contributor. my afternoon off from the office was well worth the spent vacation time! thanks to the red lead gals for having sarah in from colorado!

my next undertaking is procuring a scanner because the sincere lack of posted art on this here blog is pitiful and woefully non-visually stimulating. not to mention, it hasn't spurned me on to create anything new and fantastic...which is sort of what i was hoping it would do. that's to say, i am largely motivated by guilt.


firstborn studio said...

hiya heidi!
guilt is a great motivator...but once motivated...screw guilt,girl!
please do the scanner dance,i would LOVE to see your art here!
it was great,as is always the case,to see you looked fabolicious in your very cool eye glasses!

jklhyd said...

love your stories, will now look forward to your wonderful art..

Becky said...

guilt...hmmm...being the daughter of Jewish parents, I do know a lot about the topic. I used to take it seriously, felt it intensely, is a source of amusement almost. In fact if you go back in the archives of Denise's blog, there is a postcard of mine that she scanned about a man who could extract guilt from inanimate objects. I have had that thing for twenty years I bet and it is STILL hanging on my bulletin board as we write...just goes to show you that we just keep batting about the same old crapola, reinventing...yada,yada,yada...

sarah said...

hey there, lovey!!
what a swell treat to meet you in person!!
it rocks to meet people with whom one has had only cyber dealings with & have them be really ever so nice in person as well.
AND by the way, i had so much fun at Red Lead!
i meant to ask you, but was a tad overwhelmed, have you ever done any more zines i should have known about??