Tuesday, August 30, 2005

logorrhea of the typing fingers...

high school etymology class didn't help me on my S.A.T.s, but it did give me a lifelong appreciation for the word "logorrhea."

the teacher would drawl at a student guilty of talking during class, "mr. smith, are you suffering from log-o-rrhea?"

the offender would invariably not know the meaning of her question and offer her a, "huh?"

"are you suffering from diarrhea of the mouth?" she would counter.

sheepish, now, was the side-talker, and giggles filled the classroom every time.

there are days when i feel my blog is suffering from diarrhea of the typing fingers. in an effort to write an entry a day, i'm afraid i often overstep the unwritten rules of self-protection. some would argue it is better to keep things to oneself than to spread our experiences out to the world to be examined and commented on. of course, i belong to the school of thought that the life unexamined is not worth living. some would argue, though, that this school of thought refers to inner examination. so there is a razor's edge to tread here in blog-land.

for example, i haven't shared my south beach diet plans with anyone at my office, but i did write about it here. so, conceptually, at least, i told the entire world (or at least those with internet access). what is it about this space that made me feel comfortable enough to write about what i couldn't verbalize? is it like picking your nose in the car while driving down the road? you imagine you're in an impenetrable fortress and that no one can see you--when in reality all that separates you from the world is a sheet of 1/4 inch glass?

okay, here's a better example...the people on reality tv shows. i sit there on the couch and think, "forever after, this person is going to be known as 'that guy who _______-ed on that reality show.'" how do i want to be remembered? like the typo i made in the e-mail i wrote about...maybe i want to write a piece of mind so i can gain peace of mind.

thank you all to those who help me toward that goal.

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