Thursday, September 01, 2005

the sky is falling...and miscellany...

i would be remiss not to speak here about the devastation in the gulf coast. i am too overwhelmed with emotion each day to do much beyond wonder inwardly what it must feel like to be a victim of such destruction. it has obviously brought out the best and worst of those affected. i imagine i would be on the "best" end of the human behavior spectrum, but that's only wishful thinking. how would i behave if my child were hungry, thirsty, or in need of basic human services? would i brandish a weapon to help him? would i shoot someone for a bag of ice? to what extremes do people go to when they feel that they or their families are threatened?

i've been pondering where we're headed as a civilization. i've heard the news reports about gas rationing in some states. at what point will we wise up and conserve energy? when will our president take the necessary steps to warn the country of the looming crisis? when will NASCAR no longer be allowed because it is wasting our precious resources? how long before neighbors begin siphoning gas from one another's cars?

do i sound like chicken little? i don't mean to, really, but i cannot believe that there aren't things that may happen in the very near future that will change the very fabric of this nation. in addition, because of the extent of devastation, the refugees from the gulf coast states will be unemployed. those on the public dole will inevitably rise at a time when most of those programs and services have been slashed. this will have a domino effect on ALL of us! food will cost more-clothes will cost more-people will not be able to afford to eat out or shop or go to the movies or pay for new goods. why aren't there more people wringing their hands? why aren't more people looking to the white house for more guidance? why did he just fly over in a plane and not get down to the ground and actually DO something?

it is no wonder that there is chaos in the streets of new orleans. those people have no framework to work within...they have no hope that help is on the way. bush has done nothing. blankets are good to send, george, but we also need a concrete plan. i beg of you, please, for once, do something presidential and inspire this country to come together and accomplish what may prove to be, historically, our greatest challenge.

on a much lighter and self-absorbed note (which is what you've come to expect here at queen for a day, isn't it?)...last night i went and applied to college. after reassessing my voluminous transcripts from institutions of higher education both far and near, i've come to the alarming conclusion that if i were to attend college full-time, i would have my bachelor's degree in 18 months. of course, full-time education is not in my near future, but if not now, when? to be so close to completing my degree is bordering on the passive aggressive. that's to say, once i have my degree, i will no longer be able to blame my underachievement on anything besides sheer laziness and inertia. besides that, i would love to finish my degree 1) before my son gets his and 2) before my husband retires in five years and goes back to school himself.
i promise the next post will be more art, fun and family-filled. just needed to get it all off my chest.


Karyl said...

Ah, Heidi! You'll be so pleased to know that I probably made myself the most unpopular "old" person in West County today. I called my favorite School Board member and suggested that they restrict the driving of high school students during the gas crisis. There is no reason why the kids cannot get on the empty school buses that cruise through out neighborhoods instead of driving their new $20,000 cars to and from school each day. She thought that it was a great idea and planned to bring it up at the board meeting tonight. will never happen in our school district until it happens in the adjoining, equally over-indulged school district. Can you tell that I've spent way too much time being an active parent and then, after Becky graduated, and active resident???

Good thoughts from you! Uh...let that man fly around the area so no funds have to be spent providing protection if his feet hit the ground. I'll bet that they could find a way to get food and water in if he was hungry and thirsty!

MB Shaw said...

Woo hoo for you!!!

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