Monday, September 26, 2005

programming/art/motherhood is...

please note: i already wrote this post once and sent into the ether, so i think for the "programming is" fill in the blank, i'd have to say, "frustrating."

i didn't manage to fix my blog template this weekend so this morning i am cutting and pasting and checking to make sure none of the stuff i liked gets goofed up. the links list seems much shorter, so if the link to your blog/website is missing, please let me know and i'll edit again later this week.

dang!!! i sure do like this new pink color!

instead of programming this weekend, i did ART! yes, i know it is hard to believe. after seeing my friend denise demo at my fave art place, red lead, this weekend, i was inspired to create. it felt great to get paint under my nails and look at all of my rubber stamps and collage bits and get down to it. scans coming soon of the finished projects.

i also worked and neared completion on a piece i am donating to the breast cancer fundraiser auction at red lead on october 8. it's a fun day filled with demos, snacks, coupons, an amazing auction of fabulous art and lots of friends and laughs--all for a great cause!

in other news, nathaniel is going to two homecoming dances in the next two weeks. guess who's job it is to try to ascertain the correct color of wrist corsages to order? and to order and pay for the corsages? yes, you've got it. how fast would society collapse if mother's weren't involved?*

finally, some cooler weather has arrived in the midwest...sweater weather, here i come!

note: i have also now been charged with buying a necktie that matches nathaniel's date's dress. does the madness never end?


firstborn studio said...

sheesh,i hear you! my 15 year old dd is going to the homecoming this weekend and i am to choose and pick up the corsage for her date,she made reservations for dinner and has the dress,shoes,jewels and that cheesy gel bra thing,a hair appt. and i am the "driver"that evening...i guess she is all set,what a production!
p.s. i do love your pink colour!

firstborn studio said...

oops...corsage for girl
boutinere(sp?)for boy
my bad

Jane said...

I saw some pretty nice looking ties on my last trip to Goodwill. Seriously.
Especially if you have to buy more than one. Sheesh.