Thursday, September 22, 2005

inquiring minds may want to know...

i went to the doctor yesterday, just to have some prescriptions refilled. i spoke with her about the south beach diet and the progress i've made and the successes i've had. (even after the diet detour of "birthday week," i've managed to lose 8 pounds and the waistbands of my clothes are feeling more comfy.)

one of the prescriptions i was having refilled was for my migraine medicine. i told her of what i perceived as a sharp decrease in occurrence and severity of my migraines since being on south beach. i told her i wasn't sure if the two were related; i surmised that perhaps the headaches were food-related, but i never knew which foods were my triggers. she agreed that my migraines were most likely a reaction to high sugars--the consumption of refined carbs and sugars. WOW...if i'd known that i would have stopped eating white bread a long time ago!

she also confirmed that for me, this diet is the most healthy way to eat. especially for those who have had colon cancer, a diet high in whole grains and fiber and low in red meats, is the smartest choice. she also wanted me to try to convince my husband and son to try it out. i just don't think i can wean my 15 year old off pizza and french fries or his daily lunch dose of $2.50 pork fried rice. he's 6'2" and weighs 135 pounds. right now it's just not an issue for him. but if i can work in whole grains into the nightly menu, it would be better. currently, i'm fixing two dinners a night. i don't know how long i can keep that up. not to mention the dishes associated with that undertaking. we don't have a dishwasher, and i really don't want one (i couldn't bear to part with the cabinet space), but it is starting to look attractive.

also, she suggested taking an aspirin a day--not for heart health, but there is new evidence that for those who have had colon cancer or a strong family history of colon cancer, it could prove beneficial. so this morning, i added it to my multi-vitamin, calcium, metamucil cocktail.

could i be any more boring if i tried? i just re-read metamucil cocktail and sighed a low moan. but damn i look good!


Becky said...

My Kelly has been South Beachin' it in her own way...She loved the 4 or was it 3 cheese pizza that I bought and she has been eating much healthier since we have. It has been gradual for her but she is pretty proud of herself! More water, less soda better snack foods. Also, the South Beach "granola bars" are really good. She loved those. Peanut butter.

MB Shaw said...

Well you already know I am a big SB fan. I can also endorse the packaged products. The pizza is yunny as Becky said. And the cranberry bars and nice to keep around when you need a quick snack. It's interesting but I have had less headaches too and never even guessed it might be eating this way!?!?! What a great sleuth you are!