Thursday, September 29, 2005

here is where there should be a picture...

but i can't get blogger to accept my upload. don't know if it's a blogger-wide thing or not. is anyone else having trouble?

i was going to show you one of the 13 cards i made after trying out denise's masterboard technique. thanks again, denise, for the demo last weekend. i've made two masterboards and they are so much fun. the possibilities are endless. now i know what to do with all of my 12"x12" papers that i feel lukewarm about...jazz 'em up with paint, stamping, molding paste, and glitter and them cut 'em apart to use elsewhere.

i bought denyse schmidt's newest book quilts. there are so many simply elegant and visually appealing projects in this book, i feel a rejuvenated quilting spirit rising up from my toes. some of the ones i must try right away are the cards, bedroom slippers and scarf with matching muff (perfect for nathaniel's chilly soccer games).

i have yet to come up with a salient plan for my back tack ii project. my buddy is a tough nut to crack, but i know i am up to the challenge. i'm not giving too much away, but i know that there is this perfect bit of vintage fabric in my stash that i think she'll really dig.

today is finally thursday! i definitely can make it one more day. can you?

update: see above for cool pic that finally uploaded! yay, blogger!


Karyl said...

Hah! Masterboard! The source of a thank you note, correct??? I give you presents just to get a thank you note from you...did you know that? :-)

Becky said...

I had trouble all last weekend- with uploading- How are you?