Friday, September 23, 2005

what the h-e-double hockey sticks!!!

so yesterday i was playing around with the idea of changing my template (the way my blog looks to the rest of the world). i decided to wait until this weekend because updating your template on blogger means that you lose all of the tweeks you've made to your page. it was too much to undertake on a workday.

so imagine my surprise when i clicked on my link this morning and "POOF" it's all pink and pretty, but WHOA--there are no links, no counter, no cute quote at the foot of my page. all the parts that were "me" are gone. i swear i didn't do this. it must have been the internet elves. now i have to personalize my page from scratch. i don't know html so i just pick and prod and copy and paste and view edits until i'm not unhappy with the way everything looks.

remember when i alphabetized my links at 3:00 a.m.? i have visions of that happening again this weekend. and i really wanted to work on some art!

so in the meantime, here is another picture from the party last weekend. thanks to my friend, jeff f. for taking pics.

check out the patent leather go-go boots!


Anonymous said...

love your new blog look! the boots are neat-o! ~ back-tack2 buddy...

MB Shaw said...

Oh honey, I love the boots. Very sassy!!!