Friday, September 02, 2005

commuting woes...and fulfilling a promise...

i tried to put my money where my mouth was yesterday. i called the metro office and asked them how, using public transportation, i could arrange a route so that i could arrive at my west county office by 7:30 a.m. turns out, you can't get here from there. at least not in a way that would work for a person with a life.

i would have to leave my house well before 6 a.m., travel by bus eastbound into a dicey neighborhood and transfer to the metrolink, then disembark in another compromised area of the city and transfer to a westbound bus. does anyone else see the back-ass-wards logic here? i have to travel out of the county into the city to travel back to the county. how do we expect people to use public transportation when public transportation doesn't work for US? i know it's a catch-22 whereby if more people used the system, the system could afford to add more routes that would enable more people to use the system. but,'s not rocket science, folks. other municipal areas of the country make it work. why can't we?

oh yeah, i promised more art, fun and family in this post, so here goes!

i haven't mentioned it here before, but i have been participating in artvent, a daily art gift exchange involving 34 artists. the exchange began on august 1st and tomorrow is the very last day. i have been so filled with inspiration by the offerings of each of the participants. i cannot believe that the generosity will end tomorrow. thanks to karyl h. for her organization of this event. it has been the highlight of my year!

my son has been working shoulder to the grindstone hard in his sophomore year to keep up with all of his challenge courses. last night we studied a map of the fertile crescent and all its ancient cities (that coincidentally he was just given yesterday) for a test first thing this morning. we had to come up with pneumonics and tricks to help him remember where the rivers, cities, countries and regions were. he just called my dear husband (thank you cell phone!) and said he got 100%! nathaniel, you rock!

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Becky said...

I gotta hand it to you Heidi- At least you called to find out if it was possible to use our albeit, half-ass, (mass?) transit system. We were talking about it yesterday at work and we just decided that it would be impossible! Then selfishly, I started thinking, well, heck what if I have to go somewhere after work, what would I do? I would not have my car...blah blah blah. I think that in general I am a pretty giving person, but there are certain things I guess, that unless I am forced, I will hold onto until the perverbial cows come home. I love my Flinstone mobile and the freedom that it allows me.