Friday, September 30, 2005

oh, the fun we will have...

folks, there's so much going on this weekend in the world of wallace, it's difficult to quantify.

but first let me update you all on the status of student heidi and her foray back into the realm of higher education. let me begin by saying that dealing with those in academia is a challenge. apparently, i have not yet satisfied my college-level math requirement in lo these 20+ years of higher, i have taken what shall hereafter be referred to as "remedial" math courses. okay, basic algebra at st. louis university was a breeze, but i can assure you that intermediate algebra was no cake walk. so sometime very soon, i will sit in a dimly lit classroom with students less than half my age and take a test whose sole goal is to ascertain if i am prepared to register for contemporary math (glorified check-balancing from what i gather).

the letter i received from the institution (that i sincerely hope will someday grant me a degree) stated that i should meet with my advisor to register for classes. after registering for classes, i would receive a picture student id. BUT before meeting with an advisor to register for classes i had to take my math placement test. however, the flyer included with said letter told me that in order to get proper credit for the math placement test, i had to present my picture student id. i have one question for this highly respected institution--catch-22 much?

and...this is the kicker, i have to take a grammar course. dear reader, please do not look to this blog for concrete evidence of my writing skillz. on my word alone i want to assure you that i am an amazing writer and although i might split my infinitives, i am talented. so my ego took quite a blow yesterday and i almost had to follow in the footsteps of all the authors before me and turn to the drink for comfort, but i did not. no...i held fast my willpower and instead ate a sugar-free fudgcicle.

what other delights does this weekend hold?

  • buying a new pod coffee maker since this morning i found a piece of plastic in the bottom of my cup. apparently the coffee maker shed during the coffee preparation process.
  • homecoming haircut
  • homecoming wrist corsage pick-up
  • driving to and fro for homecoming
  • journal club [karyl, mary lou, jane--anybody out there?]
  • preparing much more jewelry inventory than i have for a weirdo craft show at monsanto on friday
  • eating out--yay, phase 2!
  • trying to find something to spend my $$$ on at borders since i have THREE coupons
  • again try to upload pics...blogger is having difficulties again

what about the rest of you? what are you doing?


Becky said...

Here's what I'll be doing since you asked-
1. Hosting a brunch at the Frontenac Hilton for the Adult Children Study participants of our Memory and Aging Project research.
2. Making it directly after to Kelly's volleyball game.
3. Studying.
4. Studying.
5. Studying.
Somewhere in here going to RL to get some supplies for my Breast Cancer day demo.
6 Taking a walk with Colleen on Sunday AM.
7. Studying.
8. Ditto and more of the same....

Becky said...

Oh, so I shoulda commented on the education part---so Jewish zen of me-(Here's what I AM DOING this weekend) or is that just plain narcissism? Oh well... In spite of all the will be so happy you did it! And, it is pretty nifty to find that youngsters want to have you for a pal (to a point). Of course I am 10 years older than you are. But I found the entire school experience absolutely wonderful. Almost every bit of it. If I wasn't so dern old, I would go and get a higher degree I think.

Jane said...

Octoberfest in Saint Charles, although Dad may take the kiddos on Sunday whilst I'm playing. Arthur's Party in the Park. I was thinking of Shaw Art Fair, but the $5 (yes, I know it's only $5) grates when there is an amazing free one every year within walking distance. Besides, if Mary Beth sees me, she'd expect to get the balance of what I owe her. ;-)

There is a LOT going on this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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