Friday, September 09, 2005


i got accepted into back-tack II! for those of you unfamiliar you can click on this link to learn more. in a nutshell, it is a group of folks who craft for one another, anonymously, a bag and a kit for their secret crafting desire! i am so psyched.

the person assisgned to me is supposed to troll my blog over the next few days to find out what craft i've always wanted to try but have yet to get to. for those of you that know me, there isn't much i haven't age 5 started with embroidery, moved on to sewing, then photography, paper arts (all kinds), watercolor, knitting (but not really purling--i know becky is out there laughing at me right now), but i guess that is my most compelling desire, to REALLY learn how to knit. reading a knitting pattern is so foreign to do i do it? the very first thing i knitted in my entire life was a pair of mittens for a friend in high school as a christmas present. it took me months to finish those mittens, but i did do it and they looked so great i was tempted to keep them for myself. but the process was so confusing to me as i was self-taught, that i think i mentally blocked out the pattern reading skills necessary to do anything other than k1 in a big circle. i wish i could re-learn how to knit well enough (read: FAST) to make a scarf that i could wrap luxuriously around my neck or a capelet or a shrug or a pair of finger-less gloves.

my crafting loves are vintage fabrics, circa 1940-1965 (go figure). i LOVE/LUV/LURVE rickrack. i troll the thrift stores weekly for rickrack. i adore old dress patterns. i love all colors, but mostly pinks and oranges, teals and greens. i'm loving the clean lines of all the japanese design books i've been seeing lately, but my designs tend to lean toward the slapdash but ultimately stylish fashion.

i cannot wait for this trade to begin!

coming foray into creating more atcs.


Anonymous said...

hi heidi,

just a note that i've visited your blog and that i'm your back tack buddy!

i'm really excited because it sounds like it'll be a lot of fun! i took part in the first back tack and really enjoyed the creating almost more than the great goodies i received!

will be visiting your blog often to learn more about you....

your back-tack buddy ;)

sharon wisely said...

Here is the trick to reading those tricky knitting patterns...get a stack of index cards..write the instructions for one row on each card..when you are finished with that row turn the card over and go to the next card and row...does this make sense to you? Or you could have the knitting queen-BECKY-teach you in a flash-she taught me everything I know about knitting and it really did change my life.

Becky said...

Yes-you probably could have Becky teach you how to knit. And she is not laughing at you right this very moment! You knucklehead! Sharon is right about the index cards. Break it down into small "tasks" and then it is not so overwhelming. So glad I got on this fab blog today. Birthday present dilemma-Solved! Tee hee