Thursday, August 11, 2005

they're back...

the headaches, that is.

i blame the august heat and humidity and lack of rain for them this time. of course, it could be hormones, or lack of sleep, or caffeine or any number of things. in any case, today i am home under the air conditioning and plan on staying here until summer cabin fever kicks in.

5...4...3...2...1...there--it's here too. must get out into the day and make something of myself. advil, here i come!


Becky said...

we're twins! i have one too. xtra strength exedrin and an imitrex! not to try and out do ya, but i got the numbness on the right side of my face- ya gotta love it. feel better soon.

MB Shaw said...

Oh me too, I was miserable all day yesterday, in fact it woke me up during the night it was so bad.

I still need to burn that CD for you, the Healing one. I think it will help if you can find time to rest and listen to it. Will you be at Paper Arts next week? LMK, ok?

firstborn studio said...

i think we have enough to form a club...throbbing headache here,too.
2 exedrin migraines and strong black coffee,i hope will do the minute at a time :]