Friday, September 22, 2006

10 things i'm thinking about...

1. should i start selling things i've accumulated in my basement on eBay? (back issues of the studio? rubber stamps? vintage aprons? vintage dresses?)

2. could the proceeds from #1 finance a christmas vacation?

3. where can i buy brachs pick-a-mix now? they don't sell it at any of the grocery stores anymore. i need some of those chocolate, vanilla, strawberry coconut striped neopolitan

4. are skinny jeans really back to stay? if so, how long is appropriate to hang on to my bootcut jeans?

5. are my low-rise bootcut jeans now considered "mom jeans"?

6. eek...i hate to think of all the bootcut pants i should pack away.

7. i'm lucky i don't have any hips, because skinny jeans do not flatter the big-hipped girl.

8. too bad crew neck tops aren't in style tiny chested-ness really rocks a semi-fitted crew neck long sleeve tee.

9. we can't have everything we wish for.

10. i really need a mani/pedi...


Jane said...

IGA in Saint Charles at Elm & Hawthorne has a Pick-A-Mix display. I love those Neopolitan Coconut ones, too.
You could come visit me!

MB Shaw said...

It seems like maybe Ben Franklin has the Brach's? They have lots of old fashion(meaning stuff from my childhood, lol)candy.

Keep the boot cuts. I am still wearing mine and I know they are not going anywhere for the simple reason they flatter so many body types and skinny jeans just do not. So I think the skinny jean thing will be short lived at best. Not that I am a fashion guru or anything.