Friday, September 15, 2006

fabulous, simply fabulous...

i had a wonderful birthday. it was the height of understated elegant celebration.

that is, until i performed my birthday ritual of doing a cartwheel and a round-off in the front yard!

those acrobatic feats are a true expression of the joy i feel that i am here for another year. when i can no longer run across the grass, barefooted and wild, throw my hands to the ground and reach my legs toward the sunset sky, please put a tag on my toe and bury me. i hope sincerely to do a cartwheel or a round-off until i'm 106 years old. of course, this plan may be altered to completing a modified somersault, but still the intention will be true celebration. we have so few chances to celebrate fully in this life, i want to avail myself of all of the opportunities afforded me.

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