Wednesday, September 27, 2006

deep in thought...

new felted purse...don't i look pensive?

you may recall that last year i put on this. it was oodles of fun and successful (as far as first shows go) but it wasn't my thing. thanks to those of you who've inquired and accepted my lame excuses for not organizing it again, but it really took it out of me and this year i'm just not up to the task.

i think i'll leave the production of eclectic craft shows to the experts. that is why i decided to apply for this. i've chosen to focus my creative work on my re-purposed sweaters and these are the pics i sent in with my application. please feel free to tell me how much you love all of these and my lagging self-esteem will be appropriately propped up. the voice of the inner critic is never quite as loud as when we put ourselves out there to be judged. the voice is almost strong enough to talk one out of applying to exhibit one's work at all, much less SELL it, but common sense prevailed and i e-mailed my application this morning.

tissue holders....lots of tissue holders!

flower pins...glorious in the twilight.

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Becky said...

if they know what's good for 'em they'll accept you- they don't want to aggravate the mother hen!
plus your stuff is really great, useful and well-crafted.