Tuesday, September 05, 2006

zip your lip...

i have sewn in many a zipper in my day and let me tell you, there is no love lost between the zipper and i. and now i know that i must take all the blame for our loveless relationship, because (and this is difficult to admit) after 35 years of sewing (yes, i have been sewing on a machine since i was 5!) i have used the zipper foot incorrectly. each. and. every. time.

maybe it's a rare strain of dyslexia that only affects one's ability to operate household machinery or perhaps the original instructions on how to use the zipper foot were unclear (my grammie is left-handed, after all, and there could have been something lost in the left-to-right-handed-ness translation). all i know is this...i cannot wait to go home and sew in a zipper! i'm thinking this would be a great way to start. also pictures here of a project the tutorial inspired.

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