Friday, September 01, 2006

ahhhh, september...

this is it folks, the beginning of autumn. my absolutely favorite time of year. november gives me the shivering shakes 'cause i love it so much. the wet windy rainy days with blankets of gray clouds overhead....mmm...yummy! not to mention those crystal days of late october, the sun poised nearer the horizon and making long shadows all day long. enchanting.

the rain in march and april just seems so interminable. and depressing. and muddy. and pointless. at least in the autumn there is the hope of snow (equally yummy). spring is too changeable, unpredictable, temperamental.

summer rain, unless it is a downpour replete with a lightning storm, is a real downer. in my humble opinion, summer should be sunny from june 21 through september 21 and there should only be rain or humidity while i'm asleep. okay? hear that nature gods? get on that, would ya?

so this weekend sounds like it should be a delectable blend of coolish nights (perfect open window sleeping), and not too hot days (upper 70's). makes me want to repaint the entire house, clean the basement, organize my bookshelves, make some fab craft item, eat outside near a lake and garden...all at the same time.

what will probably end up happening is that i will knit on the purple monstrosity and read my fall vogue from cover to cover...that is just as good.

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