Friday, September 01, 2006

some new...

it was about time i updated my links, so i did.

i've also added a section entitled "what i'm reading." i so love the way the same section looks on typepad blogs. my invention is quite inelegant, as i am not proficient at html. it is hit or miss until the code i type in finally does what i want it to do and then i have to try to figure out how i did it. i'm sure there are loads of websites that would help me figure out html code, but that is for another day.

i hope to update my links on a monthly basis, so if you have a site that you think i'd lerve, please let me know, i'll check them out and perhaps add them next month. the "what i'm reading" section will be updated a bit more frequently, so check back often for updates. when i master the html, i hope to add some music stuff too. what will probably end up happening is that i will deduce that trying to figure out how to program my blog to look like a typepad blog would just be easier if i spent the 8 bucks a month to actually HAVE a typepad blog.

1 comment:

Becky said...

dang!!!! very impressive- how the heck did you do that? I guess you could get some fancy schmancy header thing going as well... and anne lamott- love her!