Tuesday, September 19, 2006

party animal...

the following list is what apparently constitutes "wild celebration" when you are a 41 year old cancer-free office worker that has an afternoon off:

***3-side lunch special at boston market
***target run for coffee pods and razors
***walgreens run for peanut butter kisses (aka, mary janes)
***shop n save run for low fat cottage cheese and fat free half & half
***couching it with the new issuses of real simple and domino
***oprah...i know, i'm still watching her and i need to stop. yesterday's episode was especially moronic! gayle and oprah on a road trip where they want to be treated like real people, but really long to be treated like celebrities and then complain when people treat them both like real people and celebrities. what?

rousing good time, huh? no champagne was consumed, but the nap was invigorating. it shored up my strength for a long night of tv watching. btw...love, love, love "studio 60." i {heart} matthew perry all grown up.

it seems that worrying needlessly about one's health can really take it out of a girl!


Jerry said...

First of all huge congratulations of the clean test results. A party is in order for your happy news. I just discovered your blog and was surprised to see you are a survivor. My wife was mis diagnosed for over a year. She was 32 at the time and by the time they found out what is was we were in the ER for the second time. She was a 20% chance of survival but the planets aligned and we found the right specialist and after 18 months of a revolutionary 24/7 chemo treatment she was clean. That was 10 years ago. I’m sad to say we divorced 4 years ago but I was her rock for the duration and then some and we are best of friends now. Her life plans and dreams changes understandably since that day our life changed.

I started knitting last year just so I could make a felted purse for my 14 year old Daughter for Christmas. now i'm obsessed I re-married last year and my bride and I share the love of knitting. Positive thoughts coming your way.


Becky said...

sounds divine- and i'd have to agree- you need to lose the opster-she def does not want to be treated like a normal person-lest we forget the situation where, hmm was it hermes? who refused to keep the shop open for her after hours and she threw a giant celeb fit? gag me! anywho- you deserved a day on the couch. :-)