Tuesday, January 23, 2007

easier said...

this weekend we went to visit a college nathaniel is interested in. none of us had ever travelled to this part of the state and we didn't know where there was a great place to spend the night. so we looked in the brochure from the college and chose based on 1) availability, 2) proximity to the college, and 3) price.

on friday night, when we pulled into the parking lot of the motel, i was immediately concerned. this was not a hotel, it was a hot-sheet no-tell. we were directed to a separate building with a series of connected bungalow type rooms. we walked into the room and i noticed right away there was no heat. in addition, the room was not clean...did not smell clean...was in no way, shape or form clean. i told kelly i didn't know if this was going to work for me. he reminded me it was just for one night and told him i'd think the whole thing over at dinner.

dylan, a a friend of nathaniel's, and his parents checked into the joint right after we did. we went to dinner with them and the friend's mom was also not too interested in staying the night in this establishment. the dad's talked it over, checked around the small town and secured alternate lodging arrangements at a well-known hotel chain.

we drove back to the dive and loaded up our belongings into our vehicles. the dad's entered the office to speak with the manager.

dylan's dad tossed the room keys on the counter and with a complete lack of emotion in his voice, stated, "we're going to need a refund."

the manager asked, "is there a problem?"

dylan's dad responded, "the wives are not happy."

refunds were promptly given.

those five words -- the. wives. are. not. happy -- apparently can convey a volume of information.

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