Tuesday, January 30, 2007


one evening last week i went to a get together of local artists. turns out, some of them (most with whom i am merely an acquaintance) read my blog. they don't comment, but they lurk and read and were nice enough to tell me they like the queenly content. so nice!

then, a friend sent me an e-mail and said that a mutual friend had told her she should check out my blog and she did...and guess what? she liked the queen's musings too! go figure!

i guess that means my hit numbers keep going up not JUST because i'm constantly checking my own blog out, but because folks like me...they really like me.

phew...what a relief.


Becky said...

as opposed to me- whose #s go up because I am looking at my own blog and using it as a pass thru-

MB Shaw said...

Omg, this happened to me when we were at a fundraiser last week. People I barely knew were reading my blog, yikes. And wow, good strategy from Becky, LOL.