Thursday, January 11, 2007

w.b.w. (on thursday)

you would think that with eleventy billion calendars that the queen could remember what day it is. i feel like uncle billy in "it's a wonderful life" not remembering what all the strings tied to his fingers are supposed to be reminding him of. as a matter of fact, yesterday, i actually accidentally included some crafting directions i had printed off in a file that i promptly placed in an office file. luckily, when i was organizing to go home and couldn't find the directions, i retraced my steps and found the misplaced print-out. thank goodness it wasn't an $8,000 bank deposit or the feds might have been making an unexpected visit to chateau wallace.'s some vintage knitting goodness for you to enjoy on a thursday morning.

i so want this hat, but does anyone know a man that would actually wear this sweater? the body of it is fine, but the almost turtleneck part has got to go.

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