Tuesday, January 02, 2007

let's call it a year...

i love the week between christmas and new year's -- filling in next year's calendar and looking back at the year that has passed.

so here is my personal "best of" list culled from the pages of my journal:


friends with money
little miss sunshine
the science of sleep
marie antoinette
the pursuit of happyness

(for those of you counting at home, i saw 31 movies this year.)


aimee mann
lucinda williams
the ditty bops

i saw five concerts this year. death cab for cutie was fine, but disappointing and the pink floyd tribute band that we saw on christmas eve eve was not as good as last year's show.

home improvement projects

painting the bedroom
installing a new digital thermostat

(this portion of the list is a testament to the outright boring-ness of my life!)

my fave picture of 2006...he's my 6 foot 2 inch baby and i love him.

hope you all have a great 2007 in store!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Our top movie lists are very similar! I haven't seen Marie Antoinette, though.
Happy New Year!