Thursday, January 25, 2007

weird times six...

1. when barefoot, i walk on my tiptoes. kelly pointed it out to me. i didn't know i did it. i knew my sister did it and that it drives me crazy. i can't stop, even though i've i drive myself crazy.

2. i can wake up at a specific time without an alarm clock. i just make a mental note before falling asleep of the time i want to wake up and, voila, i wake up.

3. i have an inordinately elaborate accounting system that includes an old-school ledger, an excel spreadsheet, my checkbook registry and a mental checklist of exactly how much money i have in my wallet at any given moment. this, in addition to my abnormally strong need to control everything, is why kelly can never take over the household bills.

4. once i start eating sweets, it is difficult for me to stop. m&m's? can eat a whole bag and not get sick. good & plenty? chocolate kisses? birthday cake? cookies? jell-o? drink hot chocolate? i won't ever get sick and i won't ever feel like enough is enough already. because of this, i try my level best to not start. i don't like salty snacks very much at all.

5. i have kept every greeting card that was ever given to me. this is going to stop, i think, because i'm afraid of turning into one of these. the thought of that creeps me out, especially given my predilection to organizing to the point of distraction (see also number 3, above).

6. i don't like to talk on the phone. at. all. there are rare circumstances in which i will talk on the phone, but 99% of the time, i try to get off of the phone within 3 minutes. this is in stark contrast to my mother and sister who could talk on the phone for 29 straight hours. this also makes it mighty difficult to extract myself from a phone conversation with either my mother or sister as they don't actually need a respondent to continue said conversation. but my phone rescue techniques are a topic for another entry.

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