Monday, January 15, 2007

if i were a carpenter...

...and you were a lady, would you marry me anyway? would you have my baby?"

that's the way the song goes, right?

i can't believe that's the song that's stuck in my head today.

we had a surprise baby shower for my co-worker the other day. her husband is not a carpenter; he's an engineer. she IS a lady (not in the royalty sense of the word, but she is quite genteel), and she married him anyway.

what is it that attracts us to one another? i don't think it's our occupation. physical appearance -- of course -- plays a big part. but i believe it has most to do with the way we smell to one another.

i've seen a number of shows that deal with this topic. experts believe it is our instinctual sense of smell that enables us to recognize how a potential mate's DNA will match up with ours and how healthy the resulting offspring might be.

from the very beginning i liked the way kelly smelled, and he i. our son is tall and strong. chance? luck? probably. maybe, though, it had to do with our scents being a good fit.

i wonder if those that wear a lot of perfume or aftershave/cologne have a difficult time finding a mate that is their perfect match? what if they can't recognize one another because their natural scents are masked? what if they end up liking each other in spite of what their intrinsic olfactory signals might try to warn them against? would they end up not being compatible?

neither kelly nor i wear perfume or cologne. freshly scrubbed is my favorite scent and his as well. kelly works as a printer so many days he comes home smelling of ink and paper...not bad either.

i don't like the smell of sawdust, so i guess i never would have ended up with a carpenter. i hope i can still qualify as a lady.

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