Tuesday, January 16, 2007


ice on the holly tree...january 13, 2007

i took a trip to garden ridge last night to purchase some baskets to house my ever-growing yarn stash. the baskets were buy one, get one 50% off. so, of course, i got two. i never imagined that there would be enough yarn to fill both of the baskets. and of course, there was yarn enough and a few skeins on the side.

it's a dangerous thing letting your spouse actually see the yarn that has amassed in your stash. i could see kelly scanning the situation and mentally noting that both baskets were full. i suspected that his mind was already working on processing that fact. in a bold, decisive, preemptive move, i stated, "i'm not going to buy anymore yarn until some of this is used up."

now some may say that my declaration was asinine...there's no way i can go on a yarn diet until a project is finished. but i beg to differ. i can do anything that i put my mind to.* so to help me accomplish my goal, i arranged the baskets in order of project to begin next.

i put the purple sweater that will never end on the top of one of the baskets so as soon as i finish my legwarmers that will never end (can i say how much i hate knit 1, purl 1 rib? it really slows down my already turtle-like pace!) i will take up the purple sweater and get it off the needles for good. then there are the neopolitan socks that i really do want to wear before the weather gets warm again. how hard can one sock be to finish? one is already completely done! then there is the yarn for many, many felted bags and those always work up so easily and use up so much yarn. one of the baskets is bound to be empty by the end of february, right?

but here is the conundrum...this weekend i will be spending quite a bit of time in the car. i can get a lot of knitting done in the car. with some straight lite up needles i could knit in the car at night. problem is, all the yarn i have is for projects that are worked on circular needles. you see where i'm heading right? do i get a head lamp and work on one of the existing projects on circular needles or do i get a bit of yarn and lite up needles to work in the car at night?

i imagine kelly reading this post right now...he is asking the computer screen why i can't just nap in the car like "normal" people.

*kelly and i had been married for about a year. i wanted to start a family, but kelly was concerned about expenses and how we'd be able to afford another mouth to feed. he told me if we could save up $2,000 that we could start our family. at the time i was working at a department store making a little bit more than minimum wage. i also got a hefty discount. i'm sure kelly thought that the challenge would be more than i could achieve given the fact that i often left work with purchases. oh, but he was wrong. a little less than 6 months later i had managed to squirrel away more than the $2,000. never say i cannot rise to the occasion.


Becky said...

one thing that i would never say about you is that you were unable to rise to the occasion! and of course you need the lite up needles and more yarn for nite time knitting and then just bring the circulars for day time- how long did you say you would be gone for? i heart knitting in the car, btw...it's the only thing that i can do that doesn't make me sick. oh yeah- they have those lite up needles at knitorious---just a joke.

your lov'n hubby said...

perfect solution... you drive.