Tuesday, January 09, 2007

jumping the gun...

when you're trying to have a baby, one of the worst things you can do is TELL people you are trying to have a baby. i believe it actually works against you, the telling, as all the folks kindly, but persistently asking you every other day if you've conceived, is enough to put you off feeling frisky ever again. not to mention the stress and the pressure ("s & p"). oh, the s & p!

then, once you have a bun in the oven, the worst thing you can do is tell people too soon that you are expecting...we all know what risks this scenario can bring. more s & p.

so when i wrote to you dear readers on friday that my weekend would be jam-packed with creativity and the production of fine handmade items, it was tantamount to telling you i was trying to conceive and then that i had very recently conceived. lots of s & p.

there WAS a great gathering of ideas, supplies and a general cleaning up of the creative space.

there WAS the creation of a fab desk calendar here with this great gal after a breakfast here (are we the last two st. louis residents to frequent this restaurant? because it was crowded with all manner of slipper-clad, pajama-pant-wearing, suspiciously uncombed diners who seemed to think that this particular breakfast food was a cure for whatever had happened to them the evening before).

there WAS a steak dinner and last minute christmas shopping (we still have not visited all the family my side of the wallace clan has to offer!)

there WAS a brief visit to see my gram while she recuperates from some nasty knee surgery.

i DID make some homemade donuts.

and...i made two sets of fabric cards. it's like saying i'm a little bit pregnant.


Michelle said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for my coffee and knitting package! I love everything, and it was a nice boost to open up something so fun after my first post-holiday back at work! Pics on my blog very soon. Thanks again!

Becky said...

hey h- we have to go back to uncombed hair world- i found a coupon in my entertainment book- so, do we get to see the fabric cards?????