Friday, November 25, 2005


yes, that's right--3000 unique visitors have come to this blog and read my innermost thoughts (okay, not innermost, because those are probably just boring, but my thoughts) and that is a tad scary.

in other news...the ct scan was uneventful, just as i suspected. the technician was very friendly and only mildly bruised my arm getting the iv in. the dye drink i had to consume was voluminous, medically grape flavored and bright blue. both the injectable and drinkable dyes made me nauseous. thankfully, neither actually made me sick, as was my fear.

i called the oncologist's office from the car on the ride home to see when i could get the results and she said at the earliest monday morning but most likely late in the afternoon. i am seeing my gastro on monday and maybe he can wrangle up some results. thanks to all of you have wished me well both in the comments and in personal e-mails. i believe in the adage that everything will work out--sometimes not the way you planned, but everything will work out. i can feel your good thoughts and prayers all around me and they are making the waiting less painful.

we ate our thanksgiving feast at the cheshire inn. the buffet was not as sumptuous as the ones at the lake, but had all of the essentials. the highlight of the meal was the piano player who serenaded us with all manner of 40s & 50s standards. then, just as we were lulled into a false sense of security, he played "stairway to heaven" and followed it up with side one of pink floyd's "dark side of the moon." nathaniel tipped him twice! and told him he was the best pianist he had ever heard (i think he just likes saying "pianist").

we followed up dinner with a movie outing to see "walk the line." joaquin phoenix and reese witherspoon were fantastic and their voices were quite moving. we went directly home and listened to both sides of johnny cash's greatest hits (on vinyl, of course). my favorite song is "jackson."

the countdown continues...a week and one day until the saturday monday sale. please stop by! i had a nightmare on thursday morning that i forgot to tell people and was running through the streets of webster groves shouting about the show. if i'd been naked and later there was a math test i hadn't studied for, it truly would have been the scariest dream of my life! anyway...hope to see you there!

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