Monday, November 14, 2005

put it in the books...

completed this weekend:

1. attended fun bachelor/bachelorette party...drank untold number of bloody marys. suffice it to say, "what happens at the phoenix, stays at the phoenix," but do the words "bar dancer" mean anything to you?

2. took my mom to pizzeria uno for her birthday celebration. tried desperately to order the apple crisp a la mode, but was denied by our unfortunately inept waiter, jordan. dude, do you not understand the needs of a woman willing to forsake the south beach diet for a forbidden dessert?

3. made flowy, pearly, sparkly wedding veil for my good friend, michelle (whose bachelorette party i attended).

4. completed 10, yes TEN felted bags for the saturday monday sale. admittedly, i'm in a wooly daze.

5. drank one very delicious, very splenda-d decaf non-fat cappucino at border's last night. that drink and reading expensive magazines while sitting across from my honey brought the weekend to a sweet conclusion.

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Missy J said...

I have to laugh! I've been to the Phoenix. It was was my 40th, after dinner and Margs at Tequillas. And yes, "bar dancing" does ring a bell.
Missy j