Monday, November 28, 2005

good news and a promise...

good ct scan was clear!


i am making a promise to myself to write no more about my health issues here. i want to thank all of the folks who have offered support and love to me because of what they've read here. but i don't want this space to be filled up with my mental hand-wringing and fretting. whether i write here about this stuff or not, the outcome will be the same. i have one year cancer-free under my belt and cannot imagine that 4 more years of worry could be beneficial for anyone. this is what it life--a day-to-day adventure filled with the same challenges and rewards lots of other people are experiencing. what i do want to write about here are the things that i think are different or WOW or artistic or earth shattering.

of course, i reserve the right to change my mind on a whim (and i probably will!)

and on a happier note:

hung about 100 flyers up around town for the saturday monday sale...let me know if you see one!


debbie said...

it's your blog, and whatever you choose to write is up to you - it's what makes it yours; the reader can choose to read or not - glad to hear you had a clear scan!

firstborn studio said...

dear heidi....i have been praying for the best for you,i am soooo happy to hear all is well today!
love you to pieces,