Monday, November 07, 2005

by the numbers...

the top one pictured is my pride and joy...the bottom one is a bit too 70's van, but i still adore it.

these are a pair hung above the bathroom door. got them at a vintage shop on south grand.

how sad can one clown be? these beauties hang above the hallway arch.

the obligatory nautical/beach theme paintings...

the quintessential paint-by-numbers...a horse.

i borrowed a friend's digital camera for a few days. still haven't mastered the camera's settings so these are a bit washed out. the colors are vibrant and pack a wallop in person. i love how they fit the style of my house...built in the 1920s and full of family in the 1950s. i like to think some previous resident of this home might have painted one of these.


Becky said...

i heart the snow scenes *****

firstborn studio said... are such the hep cat!
these paintings are a breath of fresh air!