Wednesday, November 09, 2005

inner sanctum OR insanity. you decide....

here's a peek at one of the two overcrowded bookcases that live in my basement studio. like so many other multi-media artists, i am a certified pack rat. i never throw anything away because some day that tiny piece of fluff may be the perfect embellishment for a card or an assemblage or maybe just having it in my hand makes me grin.

right now, the items i'm using the most are selections from my vintage button collection. the black flowered tin, the buttery yellow tin and the earthtone paper bowl all hold buttons. once i paid my son to sort all of the buttons into like color families. the results of that employment opportunity are in the yellow tin. since that time, i've collected all of the buttons in the bowl and black tin. when is enough, enough?

and yet, there's more...books, maps, puzzle pieces, a jar of buttons from my late mother-in-law's home, boxes, and bags; these all live on the other book case.

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Inner sanity