Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i have been remiss...

in the midst of the crafting frenzy, i have completed neglected to post a public thank you to my back tack 2 buddy! she is the best -- generous, on target with the choice of items she sent me and did i mention, generous?

here's a list of what she gifted me with:

a roomy bag...made with shades of sage and aqua with cool knotted handles. of course, it's difficult to describe, and me without a digital camera. the bag has a groovy inside pocket and a gussetted bottom so it will stand where it's set down. great!

stitch and bitch book...i need knitting patterns and this one has some funky, fab, hip ones i can't wait to try out.

knitting pattern a day calendar...when i said i needed knitting patterns, i wasn't joking and now i have another 365!

three lovely, soft, perfectly pink skeins of wool yarn. i think socks, don't you?

a wonderful handmade knitting needle holder, fashioned from hot pink shades and filled with a set of bamboo needles (i hear they're the best!)

a small box of knitting accessories...hand beaded stitch markers and a tape measure and all manner of small items i hope to one day learn the use of :>

a daily meditation book for knitters...hey, i'm not stressed! okay, i'm stressed and maybe some daily meditaions will bring calm to the inner crazy crafter i've been lately.

guava tea!

chocolate and toffee covered macadamia nuts (there will never be a picture of these...they got eaten two seconds after i opened the box).

thank you, thank you, thank you, debbie. you are generous of spirit too! i love each of my gifts...can't wait to use them to knit up something very soon, but definitely after december 3.


debbie said...

you're very welcomed for the backtack2 package! and, good luck on the saturday monday sale - wish i could go....

Anonymous said...

I just love love your purses.
I could just kick myself for not getting a few pins too.
Could we set something if you have any left that I could buy.
Carol Dickson