Friday, November 11, 2005

armistice day...

this evening's activity is a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. as kelly and i have never attended a co-ed celebration of this type, we are wondering what could possibly be in store for us.

we are bringing:

* a bouquet made up of blow pop suckers

* a yellow lunch sack full of slo poke candies

* a hot pink veil embellished with raging purple gerbera daisies (silk)

* a gift bag containing peanut butter crackers

* another gift bag containing a novelty pen featuring a punching fist smiley face

* an underwater camera (???)

* and of course, a twister game

yesterday, i bought a pair of slender jeans and a tiny fit t-shirt. i'll wear the outfit with some of my highest strappiest stillettos. if nothing else, i will look the part of a bachelorette party attendee. when i asked kelly what he was going to wear, he said, "same thing i wear to work--khaki pants, button down shirt and my brown shoes."

men...they have it so easy.

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