Thursday, October 05, 2006

before/after...and after

i offer these two photos as testament to the lengths to which i will go to try to attain perfection.

first, my second neopolitan sock, heel begun. beautiful, no? NO! no it is not beautiful. notice how at the very top of the cuff the pattern doesn't match? yea, i know, no one but me would ever care, but i care.

OH! i care very much!

i know what you're thinking dear reader. why did i continue to knit said sock six inches down to the heel before i decided i couldn't live with the mistake at the very VERY beginning? because i thought i could change. i thought i could live with the oddity. as it turns out, all those folks that swear that a leopard cannot change their spots are right on. i cannot live with the 1/2 inch of wrong-ness. i just knew, deep down in my soul, that each and every time i wore these socks, i would marginalize their beauty and my hard work and tsk-tsk-tsk myself for not having the fortitude to know what i had to do before it was too late to do it.

so i shored myself up with coffee and this is what the second sock looks like now...

this is ugly, i know, but it was the right thing to do.

at least i'm a faster knitter than when i began the first sock and the task ahead doesn't seem insurmountable.

on a bright note...this morning at 4 a.m., i taught myselft (with the help of this and this) to knit stripes. the new project will eventually be pedicure socks. everyone needs pedicure socks, right?


Jane said...

I love them, love them, love them!!
Did you ever find your Neopolitan coconut candy?

Karyl said...

If you hadn't started that second again, you would never, never have been happy with it. It is a hard knitting (and life) lesson to learn! You won't be sorry.

The pedicure socks are very cool!

ruth said...

I felt the same way about my first pair of striped socks. You sure remade the second one quick. I haven't knitted anything in so long, but the cooler weather (and your cool projects) are starting to give me the bug again.