Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hot socks...

my wonderful "hot socks" swap-bot partner, debby, sent me this excellent package of knitting goodies. in it are the following: the shortest double pointed needles i have ever seen, a ginormous bag of assorted teas, a big skein of opal sock yarn in turquoise and hot pink, a supply of stitch markers (you can never have enough of those), and some great burgundy-handled scissors. the scissors and the stitch markers are already in my knitting tool kit. the sock yarn is in the queue for knitting up.

thank you very much, debby! what a great swap-bot buddy you are!

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Becky said...

not that the ghost candy thing wasn't the pits-and the fact that we have to endure this kind of crap as adults even rankles me all the more, but this treasure trove of fabulosity more than makes up for that, wouldn't you say? WOW-EEEEE. lucky you. can't wait to see what you knit up oh knitter extraordinaire!
lerve and xxxb