Saturday, October 14, 2006

have you ever...

lifted from maggie grace creates...not tagged by her, but inspired by the questions.

taken a picture completely naked? not yet, but i think that window may have closed.

danced in front of a mirror naked? this something people actually do? please don't answer--that's a rhetorical question.

told a lie? of course.

had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? who hasn't? thank goodness i ended up with someone who did ardently return my affection.

been arrested? kind of...but not really.

seen someone die? yes and it was far more peaceful than i had imagined it would be.

kissed a picture? yes...what can i say? john travolta was hot in 1976.

slept in until 5pm? 5 p.m.? i mean who are we kidding here. i don't even like to sleep in until 9 a.m.!

had sex at work? ewww!

fallen asleep at work? catnap is a much better word to describe what actually occurred.

held a snake? yes, snakes don't scare me. please don't ask me to hold your bird though, okay?

ran a red light? they are never completely red when i go through the intersection and never on purpose. the cameras at intersections now make this a very dangerous, not to mention, potentially expensive, course of action.

been suspended from school? definitely not.

pole danced? no, but i wish i had the skillz. that's an impressive talent. something even a mildly agile girl could fall back on when in need of a little extra pocket money.

been fired from a job? nope, but there are times i wish someone had put me out of my misery.

sang karaoke? yes, but only while under the influence of alcohol. loosens the vocal chords, ya know. and i'm really pretty good.

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes...haven't we all? not anything i'm proud of.

laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yes, my husband is quite the comedian. he makes me laugh that hard all the time.

laughed until you peed? no...a girl's got to have some self-control.

caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes, and it's not as easy as you think!

kissed in the rain? yes.

had sex in the rain? no...another, "ewww."

sang in the shower? mmm hmmm.

gave your private parts a nickname? no. the regular names are just fine.

ever gone to work without underwear? just for the sake of fashion.

sat on a rooftop? yes, but it was under duress. my boys decorate the house each year with gobs of christmas lights. my assistance was needed so i trekked up the ladder. for each rung under my feet i felt like a weight was being added into my back pockets that was pulling me backwards...ick.

played chicken? i don't think i even know what this is.

been pushed/thrown into a pool with all your clothes on? yes, and i hated it.

broken a bone? no, thank goodness.

flashed someone? orleans--girls' weekend--and only as a joke. oh, and did i mention it was just another girl in the group? she had beads i had to have and that was the only way i was gettin' them.

mooned someone? yes...i used to be quite daring.

skinny dipped? okay, yes, but that was in another incarnation of myself.

shaved your head? yes, and i would do it again in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the staid 9 to 5 gig i have. the suits would have none of it.

slept naked? can i remind the dear reader that the power was out here in st. louis for nine days during the hottest part of the summer. it was sleep naked or die, people. oh and of course, lots of other times too.

blacked out from drinking? yes, not a stellar page from my past.

played a prank on someone? not really...i don't really go in for that type of stuff.

had a gym membership? yes, a few times. all but the last time really got used. the most recent was 2 months before my emergency surgery. ended up never using it again.

felt like killing someone? no...that's a lot of raw emotion. i like to keep it in check. truly hated someone? sure. felt like smacking someone in the face? yea, but! talk it out people.

cried over someone you were in love with? yes.

had mexican jumping beans as pets? owned them, but they aren't pet-worthy...novelty sideshow act, sure. but pets? that's a stretch.

been in a band? no, but that would be hardcore. (please see above answer to karaoke question.)

shot a gun? no and i never will.

shot a bow and arrow? yes.

played strip poker? yes, and i should point out i don't even know how to play poker so i was the loser every time.

donated blood? yes.

ever jump out of an airplane? no...too much of a scaredy-cat.

been to more than 10 countries? nine...germany, france, mexico, guatemala, nicaragua, honduras, el salvador, jamaica, united states (this last one's a stretch, but it moves me closer to the elusive 10). 10/16/06 edited to add belize...i took a boat from belize to guatemala. thanks for reminding me, kel!

tagged--becky, denise & angelica

that is, if these questions are not too personal for you gals.

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