Tuesday, October 10, 2006

sew and sew...

i calculated that if i can complete one purse each day between now and the drop off date for the rock 'n roll craft show, i'll have 41 new bags finished. sunday night i completed the handsewing on four bags and last night, two. that doesn't mean they're complete, that means the handsewing is done.

my process is in no way an assembly line system. i go through the pile of sweaters i've felted until one jumps out at me and then decide what design that one should be. i cut it out. i do the hand sewing before any machine sewing, machine sew (which may include machine-attached embellishments) and the final step is adding the handsewn embellishments. start to finish, each bag takes between three to five hours to complete. this is a drastic increase over the time it took me to create last year's designs which did not require so much handwork.

let's do a little math now, okay? 41 days to the drop off date x avg. of 4 hours to complete each bag = 164 hours divided by 40 hour work week = 4.1 weeks of working 8 hours a day for five days a week to achieve my goal.

that's totally do-able, right? sleep is so overrated.


Becky said...

have you factored in any "sick" days? you might possibly be able to complete a few more than 41.

MB Shaw said...

I have to laugh at your thinking, the calculations and all of it. Too funny. I do exactly the same thing to make it through all these shows. You have to be a little touched in the head to do this I think.

angelica torrez said...

Good luck..... I hope you sell all the 41!