Wednesday, October 04, 2006


ahhh, the treehouse. there exists not a more enduring image for the concept of change.

we had this built when nathaniel was about five years old. it used to contain a treasure chest and a chair, but those became too weather worn and had to be discarded. when nathaniel was a little older he spray-painted peace signs and messages in and on it (he's nothing if not his mother's son). and now it sits empty. an awaiting nest. an empty womb.

nathaniel wrote an essay last night on the topic of change and it moved me how openly he welcomes it into his life. that is no easy task. he views it as an opportunity for growth, limitless possibilities and adventure. as you can see from the previous paragraph, i, on the other hand, have difficulty with the idea of change. i pay lip service to the fundamental tenants of it, but don't always know what to do in the face of it.

we are perched on the edge of big changes in our household. nathaniel has visited with lots of representatives from lots of colleges. we will be visiting college campuses and going to college fairs in the coming months. each day the mail holds literature from colleges and universities from all over the country...let me repeat those words -- all. over. the. country. from places further away than a one day car ride.

of course i want nathaniel to go where he'll be happy and find the topic that makes him excited to learn and meet people that will forever enrich his life. i just didn't think that the change would be so imminent or that time would pass so quickly and bring the brink of something different right to my front step.

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maggiegracecreates said...

i can see my family in the college discussion. my molly is top of her class and we are getting the same mail - from everywhere. it scares me to think she may be far away, but i too want her to find her true passion and have a fully satisfying life.

Have a beautiful day.