Monday, October 23, 2006


marie antoinette was fabulous. a feast for the eyes and ears. the story-telling, so sofia copolla-esque--simple and sad, sweet and endearing. i wanted to cuddle marie a. in a mom-ish hug and tell her it would be okay, even though i KNEW it would certainly not be (i mean, we all know how the story ends), but that is what a good mother does. in any case, i highly recommend seeing the film AND buying the soundtrack, which we did on the way home.

the soundtrack is a wonderful odd mix of asian/parisian instrumentals and way-back machine 80's numbers (you can't help but rock out to bow wow wow's aphrodisiac) to current-day pop songs from the likes of the strokes. nathaniel has already added 8 songs from disc 1 to his iPod. oh, did i forget to mention it's a two disc set? well, it is and it's great!

i encourage you to check out soundtracks as they are a wonderful way to explore music you may not be familiar with...i.e. the stuff you don't hear on commercial radio stations.

here are a few of my faves:

****stealing beauty (dreamy, trance-like pieces from eclectic artists like sam phillips and billie holiday)
****everything is illuminated (russian rap and accordion...sounds crazy and it is, but in a good way!)
****garden state (emo boy music...thanks to nathaniel for turning me on to this)
****pulp fiction (son of a preacher man...need i say more? oh yea, surf music)
****kissing jessica stein (this was the first place i hear blossom dearie, now i lerve her!)
****gilmore girls (i know this isn't a movie soundtrack, but this still has track after track of music i {heart}...yoko ono and claudine longet, together for the first time)
****felicity (another tv show soundtrack, also very good. the show skidded downhill after season 1, but the music is eternal)

what are your favorite soundtracks?


Kim Fritts said...

Oh Brother Where art Thou

heidi said...

kim, that is a great one! i love it too!

MB Shaw said...

Soundtrack from Six Feet Under is excellent.

angelica torrez said...

I am glad you enjoyed the movie now I really have to go check it out... It looks truly beautiful!

Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear good things about Marie Antoinette. I'd really like to see it.