Thursday, October 19, 2006

do not go gently into this good night...

dear white jeans machine...

i know i work you mercilessly. i know that i often curse your inaccuracy and clunky-ness, but believe you me, i need you now like never before. your feed dogs are barking (i can hear them)! but you just have to hang on for four more weeks. to ease your pain, i'm committed to doing as much handsewing as my thimble-wearing fingers can take. but come on, white, you have to understand that this is a partnership and that without a little extra effort on your part, we're not going to make the deadline. i'll be glad to give you all the glory when folks comment on the fine seams and straight stitches, but you have to be willing to come half way.

i promise on november 21 i will take you in for a proper cleaning (i know you've heard that hollow promise in the past, but this time i really mean it)! please, dear help-mate, don't give up the ghost just yet. after you've been thoroughly pampered and treated to the sewing machine equivalent of a spa day, i swear it will be soft cotton and smooth fabrics from here on out.

and i know you've overheard me talking about getting one of these, but that's just talk and it doesn't mean a thing. you are my first, my last, my everything. so please don't worry your pretty little head about it. let's just keep our relationship together through this little rough patch and we can talk everything out in december, okay?

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