Monday, October 30, 2006

catch-up/weekend re-cap...

wow...last week was so crazy at my office. i came home each evening triple exhausted and feeling on the verge of getting a cold.

every year i feel that way right before the time change--as though i cannot take waking up pre-dawn for one more morning. and then, just in the nick of time (and thwarting a total nervous breakdown) the clocks change and i turn into cheerful girl again. it happened just that way this weekend too.

it also didn't hurt my mood that i crammed in a month's worth of fun into one short weekend.

friday night...after shopping for work clothes at my new favorite store and eating sushi for dinner i knit on the couch while watching history unfold.

saturday...went to the coolest, wackiest, craziest race i've ever been to! lesley's husband, bill, was on a team who made a vehicle that raced down this (they're on the left)....

on this...

i also got to sit in a space didn't make it to re-entry.

then we went to see running with scissors (i suspect an oscar nomination for ms. bening) and walked around a street festival/halloween party.

sunday...went out to breakfast here and had a delish meal of crab cakes benedict. then nose to the grindstone, worked on inventory for the upcoming rock 'n roll craft show while my dear sweet attentive and supportive hubby cleaned and laundry-ed.

it was the perfect blend of a weekend...getting things done but also having fun.

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